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בית יעקב הכולל כי תשא

Concepts -מושגים

אמירה/דבור there are two types of speech, אמירה means that the concept was whispered, and דבור means that the concept was spelled out. Everything in Ki Sissa is דבור except for Shabbos and ketores.

יכול לסתור כח עבודה שבאדם- these can contradict the ability of a person to serve Hashem. What is it about theShabbos and Ketores which takes away a person’s ability to serve Hashem? Shabbos is the destination, where a person can reach, if we think that we have reached our destination then there is no longer any room to try to get there. Herefore it is only whispered, because feeling arrival would cripple a person’s
desire to achiev
מורה על הארבעה כוחות הנמצאים באדם The Ketores corresponds to the four strengths found within man. A person is a complicated formula of variables whose proper balance creates Avodah. These components are 1) pure levona which corresponds to the portion of a person which is always pure and never sullied, 2) Chelvona is that which must fall from a person, 3) Nitaf and 4) Shecheles which show that when divrei torah drip into a person’s heart, a drop of light-headedness leaves. This means that the balance within a person which causes them to be able to choose and serve Hashem is hampered by the loss of lightheadness, pulling a person closer to Divrei Torah out of the strength of their immutable truth, (meaning that the person does not see anything else as an option) and not through a person’s choice.

Izhbitzer Twist
We always think about the flow of information as a positive thing, but how things are expresses and when they are expressed is important, maybe even as much as the message.
Practical Advice
Many times we must take into account how we say things, when people aren’t ready even for good things, the exchange can destroy their world. A person should daven before opening their mouth such that what they are going to release into the world should cause no damage.



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