Saturday, March 28, 2009

Naos Deshe Vayikra

The Mei Hashloach's son:
When a nefesh sins.
A soul sins?
The midrash says, there was a king who had an orchard. He was afraid someone would steal his fruit. He even suspected his guards. So he hired a blind guard and a lame guard. They got together, to steal the fruit. The blind guy carried the lame guy. The king said, who stole my fruit? They answered, who said, "what do you want from me? I couldn't steal it." Then he judged them together.
The soul is the lame man; the body the blind man. The body cannot distinguish what is good or bad. Most of the time it chooses bad thinking it is good and dark thinking that it is light.
The soul is lame; it descended to reach a greater spiritual levels than it existed on previously, but it doesn't actualize itself. It at least recognizes good, although it fails to follow after it
There are two ways to deal with these deficiencies. One can remember that there is something that is missing, in body and soul, will complete themsleves. Or one can believe that they have achieved completion by putting the lame man on top of the blind man, and ignore their lacking.
This will result in a person forgetting that anything is wrong.
A soul sins by thinking that it is complete, that it substitutes the motion, the walking of the soul, for the groping walk of a blind man...


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