Sunday, April 16, 2006

One on Sefiras Haomer

Rabbi Weinberger said this one over at Shalosh Seudos:

ענין עומר סוף הספר א

ד"ה וספרתם לכם

Hashem himself revealed himself on the night of the Exodus from Egypt, and with such shefa also created all of the future Geulos which a person will experience. This is why the Siddur says that the Jews left from Egypt to “Cherus Olam” as all of the future Geulos are bound up with the Geula from Egypt. However, the Jews couldn’t understand what it was that they had received. Therefore, Hashem said, “count these days to order to come to appreciate them, once you get to the fiftieth day, you will understand the value of what I have given you.”

This can be explained by a Mashal. A man and his son were walking along the road. His son found a treasure trove of jewels. His son didn’t know what they were, nor their worth. He asked his father, what are these? His father said, “Grab as many as you can, when we get where we are going, I will explain to you their value, we will count each one, and you will realize their worth.”

In the same way, each day of Sefira is one of these coins, that in the end, we will realize its value.


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