Sunday, April 23, 2006

Kiddush Thoughts

(קדש (הגדה

The Halacha states that one must look at the Kiddush cup during Kiddush. Why?

The way of people is to try and run away from Hashem, to ignore the presence of the creator. There are many things and worries in the world which cause a person to forget Hashem.The one most powerful vehicle to do this is wine.

However, Shabbos’ purpose is to remind oneself that there is a creator, and to use the world to come to this realization. Wine, being the chief most powerful agent of forgetfulness then must be used to remember Hashem.

This is why the Gemara says that when one takes steps that are too large (Pesia Gasa) they lose 1/500 of their eye sight, but one may regain it during Kiddush. Pesia Gasa means to find one’s self “over one’s head” in the physical world, and unable to see Hashem’s role in the world. Kiddush means to able to reorient one’s eyes in order to be able to see clearly.